With 24 years as a full-time baseball instructor, Seth Bendian draws on his vast coaching experience to design programs that are fun, educational and challenging to young ballplayers. In his two-plus decades in baseball, he has given private and group instruction to thousands of players of all ages, in every area of the game, using his school teacher roots to create curriculums that build young players skills and confidence incrementally. Seth knows that fundamentals must be established before moving to more advanced ideas, but making learning fun avoids the boredom that can occur with the necessary repetition and attention to detail.

Following championship and record-setting years at Teaneck High School (Class of ’83) and Gettysburg College (Class of ’87), Seth taught high school history and coached baseball, football and swimming for two years before committing to his passion, baseball, as a full-time career. This opportunity to focus all of his energy on the game of baseball cannot be overstated, it has given him the chance to refine his philosophy and to figure out what is most important for children to concentrate upon.

Not satisfied to rest on his laurels, Seth returned to playing the game at the age of 39 in an adult league, and helped his team win a championship. This was a way to test all of his techniques he had been teaching as an instructor, personally applying them in a competitive situation, where hits and out, wins and loses were at stake. He came away from that experience with a renewed appreciation for what players go through under the pressure of performance.

He also re-entered high school baseball coaching, leading the 2009 Northern Highlands freshman team to a winning record. It is this insatiable desire to find better ways to do things that sets Seth apart from many baseball men who simply teach what they did as players. He is always looking for the best way to improve each individual player.